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At Godwin Junior School we believe that it is our duty to provide opportunities for all of our pupils to reach their full potential; academically, emotionally, physically, socially, morally, spiritually and culturally.


In order to ensure that this happens we provide a broad, rich and relevant curriculum which meets the needs of all of our pupils, including those with:


  • English as an additional language

  • emotional and behavioural difficulties

  • specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia

  • complex learning difficulties

  • exceptional ability in specific areas (Gifted and Talented)


In practice this means that teachers provide appropriate challenge and support for all pupils within lessons so that each one can experience success. This then impacts on children’s self esteem and motivation, as well as the life-long skill of being able to persevere even with areas one does not find easy.


We also recognise the vital role that an effective partnership between home and school plays in a child’s education and so seek to develop good communication to ensure this. This may be through informal conversations, Curriculum Newsletters, Parent/Carer Conferences, Parents/Carer Workshops or other means.

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