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'The Anti-Social Network' is a film to raise awareness of the effects and consequences of Cyberbullying. This film was created by the Year 5 class (2012-13) of Eastlands Primary School, Rugby, Warwickshire.



Cyber Café - visit it now to help Griff and his friends stay safe while using email, chat areas, mobiles and other new technologies!


CBBC: Spacebook Profile - The News Kids On The Block (aka Ore, Joe and Ricky) sing about how to stay safe online and keep your profile private.


CBBC: Guy Fawkes - Internet Privacy Settings. Guy Fawkes finds sharing personal information over the Internet can leave you in trouble.


CBBC: Caught in the Web - A Newsround special programme all about staying safe on the Internet. It  tells the story of a girl called Lonely Princess, who gets into danger after meeting someone in a chatroom.




Safer Internet Day 2016 - This took place on 9th February, with the theme 'Play your part for a better Internet!' This website has information for children as well as their parents/carers on how to be safe online.

Kidsmart - Learn more about using the Internet safely and being a smart surfer. This site covers different areas of online safety.


At Godwin, we use the Mastery Approach to teaching and learning in maths.

Click on this link to find out more about what this looks like.

Maths No Problem videos

All areas of the Key Stage 2 Maths Curriculum
Times Tables and Division Facts
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