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At Godwin Junior School we firmly believe that linking learning across subjects infinitely benefits all of our pupils. With this principle in mind, we have designed an inclusive curriculum with a holistic approach, relevant to all learners and reflecting the diverse community we are proud to be part of.


We teach a bespoke curriculum so that our children can make meaningful, exciting connections and build links across the areas of their learning. It allows for progression and learning over time as the children revisit and build on key concepts time and time again in many topics. This helps pupils to assimilate new information into their growing schema (a mental model of connected ideas or concepts stored in the long-term memory). Research, and our own experience, demonstrates that new knowledge and understanding is retained at a much higher rate through adopting this approach to curriculum organisation.


Our integrated curriculum is driven by our school values, so that leaners develop a broad and deep understanding of key skills in curriculum subjects as well as becoming spiritually, morally and culturally aware of the national and global society we live in. This is part of Godwin pupils’ understanding of the British Values.


Our Curriculum Overviews (below) illustrate the way in which English is the driver for our pupils' learning. Other subjects - such as science, history, geography, art and design and design technology - link directly to this, with carefully planned units of work which allow our children to reinforce and extend their understanding in a range of areas.

Year 3 Curriculum Overview 


Year 4 Curriculum Overview


Year 5 Curriculum Overview


Year 6 Curriculum Overview

If you would like more information about any aspect of our school curriculum please speak to Ms Aslam, the Deputy Head, or Ms Brown, the Head Teacher.






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