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Friends of Godwin - Parent Teacher Association



We are fortunate in having a number of members of our school community who have recently formed a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), called the 'Friends of Godwin', which aims to support the school through fundraising. The Godwin Great Get Together in July 2019 was amazingly successful and raised over £3000! It would be fantastic to achieve this sort of amount this year!


Pre-Covid 19, the Friends of Godwin also subsidised Year 5's educational visit to the Tower of London, where they participated in a fantastic workshop to support their learning on the theme: The Changing Power of the Monarchy. Year 4 also benefitted from a visit from 'Safari Pete' who brought with him a range of animals as an introduction to their science learning on habitats.

In the summer term of 2022, cake sales and the selling of ice poles raised over £1000, which was used to purchase sets of class reading books which are enjoyed daily to promote a love of reading, as well as dyslexia-friendly books for our school library.

This academic year, fundraising is being used by the school to support curriculum enrichment activities which we might not otherwise be able to provide. Each year group will be enjoying a history-themed day at some point in the year, where a visiting company will bring the past to life through interactive workshops. From previous experience, we know that our children gain a lot from these opportunities - prior learning is reinforced and new knowledge, skills and understanding are acquired throughout the day. Fundraising will also be focused on developing an outdoor library to promote a love of reading wherever our pupils are!


If you are interested in becoming involved with our PTA 'Friends of Godwin' organisation, whether this is by being an active member participating in organising events or just helping out on a particular day, the Friends would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact

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