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Health and Well-Being

At Godwin Junior School we recognise that pupils’ health and well-being underpins their ability to focus on learning and therefore we have a responsibility as well as a moral duty to support our children in this way.  We understand that no child can learn to their best of their ability if they feel unwell, either mentally or physically.  Working together, our aim is to help our pupils become resilient; young people who can face their difficulties, understand them and know and use strategies to overcome them.  When a pupil is unable to manage this on their own, we have a robust school system in place, devised and lead by our designated safeguarding team, so that we can support where necessary.

In Spring term 2021 we held online meetings for parents and carers on Relationships and Health Education. For each year group, we shared overviews of what we plan to teach within the topics of 'Relationships' which is taught in Summer 1 and 'Changing Me' which is taught in Summer 2. We also answered any questions parents and carers had about this area of the curriculum. These sessions were recorded so that those parents and carers who were unable to attend the meetings could see what we are planning to teach.

Please click below to access the recording of each session.

Year 3 Relationships and Health Education parent/carer session

Year 4 Relationships and Health Education parent/carer session

Year 5 Relationships and Health Education parent/carer session

Year 6 Relationships, Sex and Health Education parent/carer session

We welcome feedback from our parents and carers. If you would like to comment, please email the school:


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Religious Education

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Art and Design

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The teaching of Computing in the new National Curriculum involves pupils learning about Programming, Online Safety and Digital Literacy. Our cross-curricular approach ensures that there is a context for children’s learning and a clear purpose for the skills they are developing. The ever-changing nature of technology means that one of our core aims must be to develop children’s confidence in the use of computers and new technology so that they feel empowered to take advantage of future hardware and software.


Design Technology

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Foreign Language - French


Children at Godwin enjoy weekly French lessons with a native speaker. Lessons focus on developing children's confidence in listening, speaking and responding to conversational French through songs, games and activities. During their time at our school, pupils acquire vocabulary that is used in everyday life in French-speaking countries, are able to conduct simple conversations - asking and answering questions with increasing fluency, whilst continually improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation.



In Geography we aim to equip our children with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Through stimulating lessons we hope to instil a fascination about the world and its people that will inspire our pupils to want to find out more. Children will also develop the geographical skills needed to interpret sources of geographical information (such as maps and globes), communicate geographical information (including through maps and writing) and collect, analyse and communicate data gathered through fieldwork.


Global Citizenship

Helping young people to become active Global Citizens is at the core of Godwin's ethos. Our recent Unicef Silver Award, as a Rights Aware School, is recognition of the links we make between global issues, rights and our curriculum. Further, the discussions in our Philosophy for Children (P4C) sessions and assemblies allow for opportunities for our pupils to explore themes such as poverty or the right to an education in greater depth. We believe that our focus on global citizenship themes will help our students to develop their moral compass, become more confident in standing up for their beliefs and more skilled in evaluating the ethics and impact of their decisions. Every child at Godwin learns about themselves as members of a community, with rights to uphold and promote as well as notions such as democracy, equality, equity, fairness and dignity; thus we provide an education that fosters respect for others and the environment.​



In Music, we encourage the children to develop an appreciation of all types of music by creating an awareness of rhythm and melody and by enjoying making music. Children in Years 5 and 6 benefit from instrument tuition in school from the ‘Every Child a Musician’ initiative. Those in Year 3 and 4 learn to play the ukulele during weekly sessions delivered by specialist tutors. We are proud to have a successful school choir who are asked to perform at a range of events.


Physical Education


As part of our commitment to encouraging our children to adopt healthy lifestyles, we believe that it is our responsibility to introduce them to a wide range of sports and activities. We ensure that our pupils acquire and develop skills which allow them to enjoy participating in both individual exercise and team games. We aim to improve children’s ability to work collaboratively as team members and foster a good sporting attitude, including values such as fairness and respect. We enter teams across a range of sports in a number of local competitions



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