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School Development Plan

Our School Development Plan (SDP) is the central document in which we map out our strategic plans for the further improvement of our school.


Based around our purpose and vision, and aligned with our values and ethos, our SDP outlines the priorities we have identified that we will focus on, breaking these down into specific intentions which indicate what we want to achieve.


Our SDP also lists the main measures that we will implement in order for us to raise standards and meet our objectives.

Our SDP is regularly updated to reflect progress towards our goals and it is the responsibility of the Senior Leadership Team and our Governing Board to ensure that the priority areas which we have identified remain a focus in all discussions around school performance and improvement


Our full School Development Plan is available to download by clicking on this link but, for your information, our core priorities for 2023/24 are:


  • To improve Teaching and Learning through implementing research-led and collaborative approaches to developing effective pedagogy that leads to improved outcomes

  • To improve the progress and attainment of underachieving groups (Pupil Premium and boys) through identifying and addressing barriers to learning

  • To ensure that provision for children on the SEND Code of Practice enables them to make good progress

  • To improve the quality of teaching and outcomes for all children through improving the impact and effectiveness of Subject Leaders

  • To support the health & wellbeing of both children and staff

  • To further develop our community links through effective communication with all stakeholders and improving opportunities for stakeholder engagement.

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