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School Community


Godwin Junior School is situated in Forest Gate in the London Borough of Newham. The school reflects the diversity of Forest Gate and serves a multicultural and multilingual community.


54% of our children have English as an Additional Language. Currently there are 33 home languages spoken within our school community; the main ones are English: 24%; Bengali: 12% and Urdu: 6%.


 As at July 2022, the three largest ethnic groups our school serves are Bangladeshi heritage (27%), White British (16%) and Pakistani heritage (11%). There are an increasing number of children of Eastern European heritage attending our school (10%)


47% of our school population identify as Muslim; 27% Christian and 20% are of no faith.

The number of pupils who are entitled to free schools meals is 26%. 52% of our pupils live in the Forest Gate North Ward; this ward has 39.9% of overcrowded households. The school deprivation indicator places our school within the most deprived 20% of schools.


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