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Gifted and Talented


The term ‘gifted and talented’ is used to refer to “Children and young people with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop those abilities).”(DCSF 2008)

‘Gifted’ is a term which usually applies to academic subjects; ‘talented’ to sport and the creative arts.


At Godwin, we believe that providing appropriate challenge for gifted and talented learners is absolutely critical. We meet the needs of these children firstly through differentiation in the classroom by:


  • Ensuring that planning takes account of pupils’ prior knowledge

  • Effectively assessing what children know and can do during each lesson (assessment for learning)

  • Providing learning activities which offer acceleration, enrichment and extension

  • Building in opportunities for independent learning

  • Enabling children to applying their learning to real-life, problem-solving contexts

  • Setting targets which stretch pupils


In addition to in-class provision, we also provide some opportunities for some pupils identifies as ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’ to receive additional tutoring or opportunities.


Above all, we strive to ensure a rich provision for all our children so that they each have the opportunity to discover their unique gifts and talents.

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