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Building Work

Due to the rising birth rate across the Borough, several Newham schools are increasing the number of pupils on their rolls. Work to expand our school to four forms of entry started in January 2014 and in September 2017 we admitted our fourth Year 3 class for the first time. We now have four classes in Years 3,4 and 6.


We are delighted with the outcome of the building works, which have brought our school firmly into the 21st Century. The new parts flow seemlessly from the existing building and it is hard now to recall the original layout!  


As well as providing us with additional and refurbished teaching accommodation and a new, full-height sports hall, we used the expansion project to enhance our curriculum – providing opportunities for the children to become involved in the whole process.


You can view a PowerPoint showing how some former Year 5 and Year 6 pupils worked with our architects during the expansion programme by clicking here


Other children had the opportunity to conduct a site visit to see how the new building was taking shape.




These photographs show the entire process, from enabling works to completion.

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