Approach to Mathematics


At Godwin Junior School, our teaching of mathematics is based on Singapore Maths principles. Practical maths is central to our teaching approach – we introduce concepts through concrete resources and then move to pictorial representations before relying on abstract recording. We teach maths via problem-solving which helps to increase children’s reasoning skills. 


We support our children to develop the skills they need to tackle problems. Questioning and deep thinking is encouraged, mistakes are seen as useful, all pupils contribute and their suggestions are valued, being stuck is seen as a learning point and pupils learn from shared discussion with their peers.

Developing key skills in maths is the foundation for our curriculum, so that our children can apply them in real-life situations. The children are given a range of practical-based activities and open-ended challenges that equip them with the necessary skills in mathematics.

Please watch the Singapore Maths videos on our website so that you can understand some of the concepts that we will be teaching your child and support your child’s learning.

Click here to view parent/carer videos on the Maths No Problem website.